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Your Shoe Choice Could Be a Big Factor in Preventing Knee Injuries

Millions of adults live with knee pain every day. Knee pain can have many causes, but one often-overlooked factor is your shoe choice. You may not often think about the physical impact of your shoes, choosing your footwear based on fashion or preferences. 

But your shoe choice could be a big factor in preventing knee injuries. You could be wearing the wrong shoes and not realize it. Dr. Steven E. Nolan is here to help you learn about knee injuries and how to prevent them. 

Risk factors for knee pain

Knee pain is common, especially among older adults. Many risk factors can make knee pain more likely, including:

Even such simple activities as walking or going up and down the stairs can put extra pressure on your knees, which can cause pain and inflammation.

Types of shoes that can cause knee pain

You may have a favorite style of shoes, but they might not be the best shoes for your feet. Flip- flops are one shoe style that’s particularly bad for your feet. They may be comfortable and easy to wear, but they usually lack support. Shoes that are unsupportive tend to misalign your hips, putting more pressure on your knees.

High heels are attractive and many women love to wear them. But a study by the Orthopaedic Research Society found that wearing high heels increased the risk for knee osteoarthritis.

Wearing the wrong shoes changes the way you walk, also known as your gait. And that can also put pressure on your knees, contributing to knee pain. 

How to get relief from your knee pain

Talk to Dr. Nolan about your knee pain and shoe choice. Switching to a more supportive pair of shoes may help relieve knee pain. You want a flexible shoe that allows your feet to move freely, but one that isn’t too loose and provides support for your feet and ankles. 

Even wearing proper shoes may not completely eliminate the problems with your knees. Most cases of knee pain are caused by osteoarthritis, which tends to become a chronic problem. Your knees might also benefit from physical therapy, over-the-counter pain relievers, and losing weight if you’re overweight.

Sometimes, knee pain is caused by an underlying injury. In these cases, Dr. Nolan might recommend knee arthroscopy, a less-invasive surgical method of repairing your knee after an injury, such as a torn meniscus. He lets you know if you’re an appropriate candidate for knee surgery.

If you’re experiencing pain in your knees, it’s definitely the right time to make an appointment with Dr. Nolan. Call our Sugar Land, Texas, office today or book an appointment online

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