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Horseshoe shaped cartilage that sit between the upper and lower leg bones at the knee are called the medial and lateral menisci. With injury or deterioration, these can become frayed or torn, causing pain, swelling, popping or clicking in the knee. These damaged areas can be trimmed and smoothed arthroscopically to prevent further damage to these shock absorbing structures.


Movement of the knee cap can become “off track” when muscles or ligaments pull unevenly. This can result on wear of the cartilage that covers the undersurface of the knee cap. The surgeon is able to relieve the excessive pull by some of these structures to equalize the forces that move the knee cap.


The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is the main ligament in play to stabilize the knee when you plant your foot and pivot your leg. This movement occurs repetitively in many sports and activities. When the ACL is torn due to traumatic injury, the knee may give way and become unstable. An arthroscopic procedure to replace the torn ligament can be performed to return a patient to an active lifestyle.


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