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Why Every Athlete Should Incorporate Physical Therapy Into Their Wellness Routine

If you’re like most people, you probably associate physical therapy with surgery. And you wouldn’t be wrong! Physical therapy is a critical component of post-surgical recovery. However, that’s not the only thing that physical therapy is good for. 

Physical therapy can help athletes of all levels, regardless of injury history, become better at what they do. From Dr. Steven E. Nolan, here are five big reasons why you should incorporate physical therapy into your wellness routine.

1. You’ll prevent injury or reinjury.

Most people think physical therapy is only for athletes who have suffered an injury — that it’s often seen as a reactive measure. But if you use physical therapy as a proactive measure, you can keep yourself from getting injured in the first place, or prevent aggravation of an old injury. 

2. You’ll maintain better form.

Unless you take a video of your every movement, there’s a good chance you don’t know what you look like when you practice or exercise. This is true even if you exercise in front of mirrors, because in the moment, it’s difficult to evaluate yourself. 

A physical therapist can monitor your movements and provide feedback, helping you to maintain better form during training and during the game. 

3. You’ll be a more well-rounded athlete. 

No matter what your sport, almost all athletes exhibit some sort of imbalance. 

For example, bodybuilders may be incredibly strong, but they tend to be inflexible. Runners may have great endurance, but they may need help in the strength department. 

When you regularly visit a physical therapist, you get the luxury of having someone point out your weaknesses — and then help you fix them. 

4. You’ll keep pain at bay. 

Even if you’ve never been injured, playing sports takes a gradual but serious toll on your body. A physical therapist can help you implement critical recovery techniques, such as stretching, foam-rolling, dynamic mobility exercises, and more. Such techniques can help keep your muscles and joints mobile and pain-free. 

5. You’ll set yourself up for success.

A customized physical therapy program can be the difference that helps you set a record, no matter what sport you play. 

A few appointments with a physical therapist could help you finally climb past that plateau you’ve been struggling with. Regular physical therapy keeps you flexible, mobile, pain-free, and well-rounded, all things that athletes should strive for. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how physical therapy can help you become a better athlete, call Dr. Nolan today at 281-720-6910 or request an appointment at his Sugar Land, Texas, office.

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